Zappi's Gran Fondo
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25 August 2013
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Race No
1Simon Abbott05:52:21All AgesMale
2Paul Ackroyd07:33:30All AgesMale
3Jason Allan06:38:18All AgesMale
4Conrad Ashby06:05:56All AgesMale
5Kurt Austin06:57:26All AgesMale
6Chris Baker07:38:29All AgesMale
7Simon Bayly06:20:50All AgesMale
8John Blythe08:16:32All AgesMale
9Mark Bolton05:28:46All AgesMale
10Tom Bolton05:28:46All AgesMale
11Leon Bond07:12:49All AgesMale
12Craig Bone06:53:13All AgesMale
13Mark Bourke07:18:52All AgesMale
14David Brawand07:01:22All AgesMale
15Peter Brett05:29:38All AgesMale
16Alexander Brett05:32:21All AgesMale
17Benjamin Broughton05:12:06All AgesMale
18Niels Bryan-Low04:49:18All AgesMale
21Jos Busby06:50:14All AgesMale
23Edward Chadwick07:02:21All AgesMale
24Peter Chang06:45:23All AgesMale
25James Choularton05:57:57All AgesMale
26jon clarke05:57:32All AgesMale
27Andy Clyde07:00:21All AgesMale
28Tom Coles05:33:30All AgesMale
29Alan Collins08:27:27All AgesMale
30Geoff Cook06:19:14All AgesMale
31Daniel Cooper07:03:18All AgesMale
32Rod Cox09:18:16All AgesMale
34Jude Craft07:37:48All AgesFemale
35Graham Craggs06:00:06All AgesMale
36Sarah Crisp07:10:14All AgesFemale
37David Cross08:21:24All AgesMale
39Antoin de Weijer05:58:08All AgesMale
41Andrea Dennis-West06:45:47All AgesFemale
43Philip Earles06:10:28All AgesMale
45Erik Eriksson07:00:04All AgesMale
46Ben Ewers06:38:04All AgesMale
48Alison Fairley09:18:19All AgesFemale
49Andrew Fargus06:29:50All AgesMale
50James Franklin05:43:06All AgesMale
51Alfie Franks07:21:29All AgesMale
52Nathan Franks07:33:27All AgesMale
53Joe Gardias07:10:20All AgesMale
55Lorna Gold07:12:48All AgesFemale
58Jamie Gray05:57:58All AgesMale
59Joe Graystone05:52:17All AgesMale
61Malcolm Griffiths06:13:36All AgesMale
62Adam Grindey06:54:00All AgesMale
63Sarah Grylls07:37:51All AgesFemale
Page 1 of 4 (182 items)

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