Team FEAR Challenge
29 Nov 2015

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Team Type
Team Name
Team Time
Team Pos
Team Number
Jennifer AndersonJennifer AndersonGirls Under 14Rainbow Narwhal Noodles04:52:3816601
Danica RaiDanica RaiGirls Under 14Rainbow Narwhal Noodles04:52:3816601
Alisson MaitreAlisson MaitreGirls Under 14Pineapple girls04:53:4118602
Alice SinghAlice SinghGirls Under 14Pineapple girls04:53:4118602
Lovis MichaelLovis MichaelGirls Under 14Maze Runners03:51:226603
Alexandra VogiadjisAlexandra VogiadjisGirls Under 14Maze Runners03:51:226603
Erin HurleyErin HurleyGirls Under 14The Cake Lovers04:47:5814604
Kaitlyn WellsKaitlyn WellsGirls Under 14The Cake Lovers04:47:5814604
Lewis DicksonLewis DicksonMixed Under 14Team Dash04:21:271605
Ella MaxwellElla MaxwellMixed Under 14Team Dash04:21:271605
Kai LambonKai LambonBoys Under 14R2DK03:59:3511606
Dito Von Der LueheDito Von Der LueheBoys Under 14R2DK03:59:3511606
Clemence BureauClemence BureauGirls Under 14Aqua Twins04:04:358607
Sarah BuringSarah BuringGirls Under 14Aqua Twins04:04:358607
Mathilde FaipouxMathilde FaipouxGirls Under 14The Lucky Team04:53:4117609
Louise LalymanLouise LalymanGirls Under 14The Lucky Team04:53:4117609
Sophie HafnerSophie HafnerGirls Under 14The Pink Ladies04:47:4213610
Vanessa KwokVanessa KwokGirls Under 14The Pink Ladies04:47:4213610
William CheungWilliam CheungBoys Under 14Will.i.Jam02:56:111611
James DingleyJames DingleyBoys Under 14Will.i.Jam02:56:111611
Carlotta MeganckCarlotta MeganckGirls Under 14Pink Flamingos04:50:2515612
Nicole StreunNicole StreunGirls Under 14Pink Flamingos04:50:2515612
Clarisse MegevandClarisse MegevandGirls Under 14Gingerbolts04:19:1411613
Margot PradelsMargot PradelsGirls Under 14Gingerbolts04:19:1411613
Alex HumlAlex HumlBoys Under 14Running Tigers04:38:5614614
Benjamin TangBenjamin TangBoys Under 14Running Tigers04:38:5614614
Polina ChelpanovaPolina ChelpanovaGirls Under 14Bacon Lads04:15:3610616
Michelle Yeung ChingMichelle Yeung ChingGirls Under 14Bacon Lads04:15:3610616
Loughlin DavidsonLoughlin DavidsonBoys Under 14Calum and Loughlin03:20:553617
Calum StevensonCalum StevensonBoys Under 14Calum and Loughlin03:20:553617
Madeline EllisMadeline EllisGirls Under 14Sassy Assassins04:39:4512618
Olivia GoughOlivia GoughGirls Under 14Sassy Assassins04:39:4512618
Shanna ForrestShanna ForrestGirls Under 14Twinfinity and Beyond03:48:234619
Anjalika YbemaAnjalika YbemaGirls Under 14Twinfinity and Beyond03:48:234619
Casey ChuCasey ChuBoys Under 14Rented Fairy Wings04:52:4617620
Richard RhoadsRichard RhoadsBoys Under 14Rented Fairy Wings04:52:4617620
Nancy McgillivrayNancy McgillivrayGirls Under 1424/7 Fried Rice03:21:061621
Flo SymondsFlo SymondsGirls Under 1424/7 Fried Rice03:21:061621
Maxwell GillmanMaxwell GillmanBoys Under 14D-Max03:38:028622
Dylan RobinsonDylan RobinsonBoys Under 14D-Max03:38:028622
Fong Lok Ping Fong Lok PingBoys Under 14Adrian and Ping04:41:1615623
Adrian SzeAdrian SzeBoys Under 14Adrian and Ping04:41:1615623
Arch DaviesArch DaviesBoys Under 14Parkour03:30:356624
Harry ManifoldHarry ManifoldBoys Under 14Parkour03:30:356624
Lochie DelaneyLochie DelaneyBoys Under 14Electrifyin'04:21:4412625
Otto SurmanOtto SurmanBoys Under 14Electrifyin'04:21:4412625
Paige BaileyPaige BaileyGirls Under 14The Tumbling Chicken Wings04:04:409626
Lauren TarrantLauren TarrantGirls Under 14The Tumbling Chicken Wings04:04:409626
Alexander KayAlexander KayBoys Under 14Banta Squad03:26:495627
Henry MooreHenry MooreBoys Under 14Banta Squad03:26:495627
Page 1 of 3 (149 items)