Cibbows Triple Dip
16 Sep 2017

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FavOverall RankRace NoNameNameTimeTimeDiv RankDivisionDiv RankAgeGenderCityState
1112Alec IfshinAlec Ifshin
#112 Male Top Male Wetsuit
00:20:5500:20:551Top Male Wetsuit122MaleArmonkNew York
228Thayer ThompsonThayer Thompson
#28 Male Top3 Male
00:21:0700:21:071Top3 Male143MaleNew YorkNew York
320Rodolfo NunezRodolfo Nunez
#20 Male Top3 Male
00:25:3800:25:382Top3 Male247MaleNew YorkNew York
46Parker CheaParker Chea
#6 Male Top3 Male
00:25:4200:25:423Top3 Male317MaleFresh MeadowsNew York
57Rory CheaRory Chea
#7 Female Top3 Female
00:25:4400:25:441Top3 Female115FemaleFresh MeadowsNew York
6121John SabelhausJohn Sabelhaus
#121 Male Top Male Wetsuit
00:30:1400:30:142Top Male Wetsuit255MaleSilver SpringMaryland
71David AbelsonDavid Abelson
#1 Male Top Male Wetsuit
00:30:2500:30:253Top Male Wetsuit344MaleNew YorkNew York
810Justin GinsburghJustin Ginsburgh
#10 Male M 35-39 Wetsuit
00:31:2700:31:271M 35-39 Wetsuit136MaleBrooklynNew York
921Laura PauwelsLaura Pauwels
#21 Female Top3 Female
00:31:3000:31:302Top3 Female229FemaleNew YorkNew York
10123Thomas SullivanThomas Sullivan
#123 Male M 60-64 Wetsuit
00:33:0100:33:011M 60-64 Wetsuit161MaleWest BabylonNew York
1115Alexandra LeeAlexandra Lee
#15 Female Top3 Female
00:33:5300:33:533Top3 Female342FemaleBaysideNew York
1217Peter ManninoPeter Mannino
#17 Male M 25-29
00:34:0000:34:001M 25-29128MaleAstoriaNew York
1314Jenny LambJenny Lamb
#14 Female F 35-39
00:34:2700:34:271F 35-39136FemaleBrooklynNew York
1413Roger HerrRoger Herr
#13 Male M 50-54
00:35:1200:35:121M 50-54153MaleNew YorkNew York
1530Douglas VitarelliDouglas Vitarelli
#30 Male M 50-54
00:35:3400:35:342M 50-54251MaleNew YorkNew York
1627Frank StryczekFrank Stryczek
#27 Male M 45-49 Wetsuit
00:36:5800:36:581M 45-49 Wetsuit147MaleKew GardensNew York
1723Robert PincusRobert Pincus
#23 Male M 60-64
00:37:3300:37:331M 60-64164MaleNew YorkNew York
1822Henry PferrHenry Pferr
#22 Male M 65-69 Wetsuit
00:39:0200:39:021M 65-69 Wetsuit165MaleRidgewoodNew York
19229Joseph TullyJoseph Tully
#229 Male M 35-39 Wetsuit
00:43:2500:43:252M 35-39 Wetsuit239MaleBrooklynNew York
2024Kristin SaylorKristin Saylor
#24 Female F 30-34
00:43:3200:43:321F 30-34130FemaleBronxNew York
2126Ellen SextonEllen Sexton
#26 Female F 60-64
00:44:3500:44:351F 60-64164FemaleNew YorkNew York
2218Patricia McgovernPatricia Mcgovern
#18 Female Top Female Wetsuit
00:47:2100:47:211Top Female Wetsuit168FemaleNew YorkNew York
2331Martin WatkinsMartin Watkins
#31 Male M 60-64 Wetsuit
00:51:1300:51:132M 60-64 Wetsuit264MaleNew YorkNew York
2411George GlumGeorge Glum
#11 Male M 50-54
00:52:0000:52:003M 50-54353MaleNew CityNew York
2525Marta ScottMarta Scott
#25 Female Top Female Wetsuit
00:55:1800:55:182Top Female Wetsuit252FemaleNew YorkNew York
268Laurel ChristyLaurel Christy
#8 Female F 40-44
01:15:2301:15:231F 40-44141FemaleNew YorkNew York
273Terryl BrownTerryl Brown
#3 Female F 55-59
01:20:3601:20:361F 55-59156FemaleNew YorkNew York
285Sandra CarlsonSandra Carlson
#5 Female F 65-69
01:28:2301:28:231F 65-69167FemaleBrooklynNew York
2Emily AshtonEmily Ashton
#2 Female F 40-44
DNFDNFF 40-4444FemaleBrooklynNew York
9Ted EhrhardtTed Ehrhardt
#9 Male M 70+ Wetsuit
DNFDNFM 70+ Wetsuit74MaleBrooklynNew York
19Karyn MullinKaryn Mullin
#19 Female F 60-64
DNFDNFF 60-6463FemaleBrooklynNew York
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