June Juggettes 2020
11 May 2020
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NameNameTimeTimeExerciseDistanceWho withMapRandomChatter
Fiona HallFiona Hall00:45:0000:45:00Click hereF45
Cooey TancredCooey Tancred00:55:0000:55:00Click here5.6 km run plus exercises 100 squats push-up sit-ups lunges dipsPhoebe Poole my niece
Sus BirdSus Bird01:00:0001:00:00Click here45 mins neighborhood walk. 20 mins bend and snap oNot veryNo one an effen miracleWas pretty lame. Feeling hot hot hot
Sim MadiganSim Madigan01:00:0001:00:00Click hereWalk jog6kmsMy husband and dog
Ali PayneAli Payne01:00:0001:00:00Click hereWalked 6kmMyselfNot peaking day 1
Anna WilsonAnna Wilson01:00:0001:00:00Click hereWalk/jog + 1 min plank + 30 sec ice swim ????? ?? GarethPool f*%king freezing
Emma Quirk-BakerEmma Quirk-Baker01:00:0001:00:00Click hereCore class and Groove class
Chrissy RobsonChrissy Robson01:00:0001:00:00Click hereWalk on running machine @ incline 2
Kate StaniforthKate Staniforth01:00:0001:00:00Click here6km run, 200 sit ups, 100 push ups, pushed Roses b6kmRose and Reggie on bikes
Dimity TyrrellDimity Tyrrell01:00:0001:00:00Click hereWalkThe children after school
Jocie JohnstonJocie Johnston01:00:0001:00:00Click here45 min walk, 15min core
Marg AlderseyMarg Aldersey01:00:0001:00:00Click herewalking5kmMy dogs
Mel Ashton-GarardMel Ashton-Garard01:00:0001:00:00Click here30min run + 30min circuitCath KVery cold this morning
Tiff ObrienTiff Obrien01:00:0001:00:00Click here
Trish HansenTrish Hansen01:00:0001:00:00Click hereSteps14000032 Patients
Janine KermodeJanine Kermode01:00:0001:00:00Click hereWalk and weightsNo ideaReuben &DieselDidn’t see a soul
Janet MartinJanet Martin01:00:3001:00:30Click hereTennis and 30 second ice swim v
Caz MyersCaz Myers01:05:0001:05:00Click hereWirraburra (at Kath & Kel power pace)6km?Maddy and BellaIt was very dark
Rene Botha LoganRene Botha Logan01:10:0001:10:00Click here30 mins yoga plus 40 mins power walkNFIMoi
Fi SchofieldFi Schofield01:20:0001:20:00Click here20 mins of Online Excercise Class; 1 hour Walk6km WalkWalk with Darcy and Ollie and Winnie the Poodle; EExercise Class has taught me I am now of an age wh
Sarah MoloneySarah Moloney01:20:0001:20:00Click herePilates and walking 4.7km
Justine BrindleJustine Brindle01:25:0001:25:00Click hereBike ride30kmsMe!
Kate GibsonKate Gibson01:30:0001:30:00Click here40 min walk, 30 min circuit, 15 min core workout3.5kmWalk - Jack and Alfie (dog), Circuit - Jack and kiBurpees are a killer
Sus PerkinsSus PerkinsNot startedNot startedClick here
Rach BlanchardRach BlanchardNot startedNot startedClick here
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