WNSL State Meet Freestyle

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FavPosRace NoNameNameTimeTimeCategorySecond CatGenderTeamGradeSeed Start Time
111William MurphyWilliam Murphy
#11 Male HS Boys
00:15:49.400:15:49.4HS BoysMaleBay Nordic 12A12:32:45
216Casey Van HeftyCasey Van Hefty
#16 Male HS Boys
00:15:52.800:15:52.8HS BoysMaleLakeland 10A12:34:00
39Owen WilliamsOwen Williams
#9 Male HS Boys
00:16:03.800:16:03.8HS BoysMaleIWSC 11A12:32:15
418Kevin JohnsonKevin Johnson
#18 Male HS Boys
00:16:21.100:16:21.1HS BoysMaleANST 12A12:34:30
57Jakob CraigJakob Craig
#7 Male HS Boys
00:16:23.100:16:23.1HS BoysMaleLakeland 11A12:31:45
65Dietrich MattisonDietrich Mattison
#5 Male HS Boys
00:16:24.400:16:24.4HS BoysMaleBlackhawk 9A12:31:15
71Noah StrakaNoah Straka
#1 Male HS Boys
00:16:25.700:16:25.7HS BoysMalePeak Nordic 11A12:30:15
817Kaden HackerKaden Hacker
#17 Male HS Boys
00:16:29.700:16:29.7HS BoysMalePeak Nordic 11A12:34:15
952Gavin ChowGavin Chow
#52 Male HS Boys
00:16:31.000:16:31.0HS BoysMalePeak Nordic 11B12:43:00
1015Ethan BlischkeEthan Blischke
#15 Male HS Boys
00:16:35.800:16:35.8HS BoysMalePeak Nordic 11A12:33:45
1112Grant RocheleauGrant Rocheleau
#12 Male HS Boys
00:16:41.100:16:41.1HS BoysMaleANST 11A12:33:00
1266Easton TolbertEaston Tolbert
#66 Male HS Boys
00:16:46.100:16:46.1HS BoysMalePeak Nordic 9B12:46:30
136Bank BodorBank Bodor
#6 Male HS Boys
00:16:49.000:16:49.0HS BoysMaleIWSC 12A12:31:30
1414Nathan GrossklaussNathan Grossklauss
#14 Male HS Boys
00:16:59.000:16:59.0HS BoysMalePeak Nordic 12A12:33:30
1513Beckett ChambersBeckett Chambers
#13 Male HS Boys
00:17:01.800:17:01.8HS BoysMaleBay Nordic 10A12:33:15
1638Joseph StumpfJoseph Stumpf
#38 Male HS Boys
00:17:07.500:17:07.5HS BoysMaleANST 10B12:39:30
173Aidan EarllAidan Earll
#3 Male HS Boys
00:17:09.400:17:09.4HS BoysMaleWausau Nordic United 12A12:30:45
182Marcus PetersonMarcus Peterson
#2 Male HS Boys
00:17:13.000:17:13.0HS BoysMaleChippewa Valley Nordic 12A12:30:30
1953Mason VinoskiMason Vinoski
#53 Male HS Boys
00:17:16.200:17:16.2HS BoysMaleANST 12B12:43:15
2078Ben DohlbyBen Dohlby
#78 Male HS Boys
00:17:22.000:17:22.0HS BoysMalePeak Nordic 10C12:49:30
2141Matthew LocherMatthew Locher
#41 Male HS Boys
00:17:32.800:17:32.8HS BoysMaleMadnorski 11B12:40:15
2250Aidan EckerAidan Ecker
#50 Male HS Boys
00:17:33.800:17:33.8HS BoysMaleChippewa Valley Nordic 9B12:42:30
234Connor JolConnor Jol
#4 Male HS Boys
00:17:39.700:17:39.7HS BoysMaleChippewa Valley Nordic 12A12:31:00
2484Michael WawrzynMichael Wawrzyn
#84 Male HS Boys
00:17:40.900:17:40.9HS BoysMalePeak Nordic 9C12:51:00
2571Huba BodorHuba Bodor
#71 Male HS Boys
00:17:44.900:17:44.9HS BoysMaleIWSC 9B12:47:45
2643Alex ButtonAlex Button
#43 Male HS Boys
00:17:46.400:17:46.4HS BoysMaleMadnorski 12B12:40:45
2758Isaac NowakIsaac Nowak
#58 Male HS Boys
00:17:48.200:17:48.2HS BoysMaleBay Nordic 10B12:44:30
2810Alex GutowskiAlex Gutowski
#10 Male HS Boys
00:17:48.700:17:48.7HS BoysMaleBay Nordic 12A12:32:30
298Eric BoettcherEric Boettcher
#8 Male HS Boys
00:17:50.800:17:50.8HS BoysMaleIWSC 11A12:32:00
3020Jack LackmanJack Lackman
#20 Male HS Boys
00:17:51.500:17:51.5HS BoysMaleWausau Nordic United 9B12:35:00
3157Kristian HudacekKristian Hudacek
#57 Male HS Boys
00:17:54.200:17:54.2HS BoysMaleChippewa Valley Nordic 9B12:44:15
3224Lucas AllenLucas Allen
#24 Male HS Boys
00:17:58.400:17:58.4HS BoysMaleWausau Nordic United 12B12:36:00
3351Hunter KobylarczykHunter Kobylarczyk
#51 Male HS Boys
00:17:59.800:17:59.8HS BoysMaleBay Nordic 10B12:42:45
3459Hunter MooreHunter Moore
#59 Male HS Boys
00:18:03.600:18:03.6HS BoysMaleNKMN Storm12B12:44:45
3542Beck McdowellBeck Mcdowell
#42 Male HS Boys
00:18:10.000:18:10.0HS BoysMaleBlackhawk 11B12:40:30
3649Jonathon HansonJonathon Hanson
#49 Male HS Boys
00:18:11.900:18:11.9HS BoysMaleANST 10B12:42:15
3747Forest GrenierForest Grenier
#47 Male HS Boys
00:18:12.200:18:12.2HS BoysMaleChippewa Valley Nordic 11B12:41:45
3865Leo RotarLeo Rotar
#65 Male HS Boys
00:18:14.100:18:14.1HS BoysMaleLakeland 9B12:46:15
3933Lachlan ChambersLachlan Chambers
#33 Male HS Boys
00:18:16.100:18:16.1HS BoysMaleBay Nordic 9B12:38:15
4036Sean MeekerSean Meeker
#36 Male HS Boys
00:18:17.100:18:17.1HS BoysMaleCANSKI 11B12:39:00
4191Cole TaggettCole Taggett
#91 Male HS Boys
00:18:19.900:18:19.9HS BoysMalePeak Nordic 9C12:52:45
4226Soren BlasioleSoren Blasiole
#26 Male HS Boys
00:18:27.200:18:27.2HS BoysMaleBlackhawk 10B12:36:30
4354Joseph JulieJoseph Julie
#54 Male HS Boys
00:18:28.200:18:28.2HS BoysMaleBlackhawk 9B12:43:30
4419Luke BrownLuke Brown
#19 Male HS Boys
00:18:32.600:18:32.6HS BoysMaleWausau Nordic United 11B12:34:45
4570Cole LozonCole Lozon
#70 Male HS Boys
00:18:34.800:18:34.8HS BoysMaleWausau Nordic United 11B12:47:30
4630Kade CarlsonKade Carlson
#30 Male HS Boys
00:18:42.900:18:42.9HS BoysMaleHayward 11B12:37:30
4773Nicholas ParmannNicholas Parmann
#73 Male HS Boys
00:18:47.100:18:47.1HS BoysMalePeak Nordic 11C12:48:15
48100Bode EricksonBode Erickson
#100 Male HS Boys
00:18:50.600:18:50.6HS BoysMaleIWSC 9C12:55:00
4934Sawyer MorkSawyer Mork
#34 Male HS Boys
00:18:51.100:18:51.1HS BoysMaleWausau Nordic United 12B12:38:30
5069William HagedornWilliam Hagedorn
#69 Male HS Boys
00:18:51.300:18:51.3HS BoysMaleWausau Nordic United 11B12:47:15
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