Mighty Hamptons Triathlon
10 Sep 2017

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Overall RankRace NoNameNameTimeTimeDiv RankDivisionDiv RankCityStateWaveSwimT1BikeT2Run
1694TEAM GrrrranimalsTEAM Grrrranimals
#694 M Relay
02:20:5702:20:571M Relay1HastingsNew YorkWave 700:28:0200:02:2901:03:5700:01:0500:45:21
2678TEAM On Your LeftTEAM On Your Left
#678 M Relay
02:22:1902:22:192M Relay2CutchogueNew YorkWave 700:27:3900:01:3101:09:3100:01:1300:42:23
3677TEAM Men In TightsTEAM Men In Tights
#677 M Relay
02:25:5102:25:513M Relay3New YorkNew YorkWave 700:26:4500:01:2701:11:3800:00:5700:45:01
433TEAM SteveTEAM Steve
#33 M Relay
02:28:2602:28:264M Relay4GreenportNew YorkWave 700:28:1900:01:1801:18:4600:01:0100:39:00
5153TEAM Maxwell & CharlesTEAM Maxwell & Charles
#153 X Relay
02:35:2502:35:251X Relay1New YorkNew YorkWave 700:37:1700:01:5101:10:0400:01:1900:44:52
6679TEAM HalschvirgTEAM Halschvirg
#679 M Relay
02:37:4902:37:495M Relay5SayvilleNew YorkWave 700:31:4700:01:3801:18:2000:01:0700:44:54
7693TEAM TropicaltorpedoTEAM Tropicaltorpedo
#693 M Relay
02:38:0002:38:006M Relay6BrooklynNew YorkWave 700:16:4400:01:3001:31:0700:01:0800:47:30
8680TEAM HansenTEAM Hansen
#680 X Relay
02:49:5802:49:582X Relay2New YorkNew YorkWave 700:34:4700:02:2701:13:0900:01:2000:58:13
9688TEAM Third Point - Maggie Tim NateTEAM Third Point - Maggie Tim Nate
#688 X Relay
02:55:3102:55:313X Relay3BrooklynNew YorkWave 700:46:2400:02:4701:20:5500:01:1400:44:09
10687TEAM The Zebra ZealTEAM The Zebra Zeal
#687 X Relay
02:55:3102:55:314X Relay4BrooklynNew YorkWave 700:36:2800:02:2301:22:0600:01:5000:52:41
11690TEAM Totally EnlightenedTEAM Totally Enlightened
#690 X Relay
02:59:1302:59:135X Relay5NorthportNew YorkWave 700:33:2100:01:4401:23:1800:00:5800:59:50
12316TEAM GreeneTEAM Greene
#316 X Relay
02:59:5602:59:566X Relay6LarchmontNew YorkWave 700:52:2600:01:2801:16:5300:02:0900:46:58
13675TEAM Like Fun Only DifferentTEAM Like Fun Only Different
#675 X Relay
03:03:1203:03:127X Relay7New YorkNew YorkWave 700:38:0200:01:4901:28:2800:01:1900:53:32
14695TEAM FulaniTEAM Fulani
#695 X Relay
03:05:1803:05:188X Relay8MonclairNew JerseyWave 700:47:1000:01:3901:32:0400:01:1600:43:08
15672TEAM GreyhoundsTEAM Greyhounds
#672 X Relay
03:09:1503:09:159X Relay9RiverheadNew YorkWave 700:48:5400:01:4601:24:0800:01:2000:53:04
16692TEAM Tri To FinishTEAM Tri To Finish
#692 F Relay
03:21:2803:21:281F Relay1NesconsetNew YorkWave 700:42:2800:02:0401:29:4700:01:3701:05:30
17682TEAM The 76ErsTEAM The 76Ers
#682 F Relay
03:29:5203:29:522F Relay2Sag HarborNew YorkWave 700:54:5100:01:5201:35:3900:01:3000:55:59
18685TEAM The Dazzling ZebrasTEAM The Dazzling Zebras
#685 X Relay
03:31:5503:31:5510X Relay10New YorkNew YorkWave 700:50:3600:02:5301:31:4500:01:5301:04:46
19234TEAM TigersTEAM Tigers
#234 F Relay
03:37:4503:37:453F Relay3BrooklynNew YorkWave 700:40:3900:01:2001:49:0000:01:1901:05:26
20686TEAM The Triumphant Marcus TrioTEAM The Triumphant Marcus Trio
#686 X Relay
03:43:5003:43:5011X Relay11New YorkNew YorkWave 700:59:0200:02:3401:21:5600:02:0101:18:14
21684TEAM The BlanksTEAM The Blanks
#684 X Relay
03:47:3903:47:3912X Relay12MineolaNew YorkWave 701:16:5800:02:2801:29:2900:01:0100:57:41
22689TEAM Three Heads Of The DragonTEAM Three Heads Of The Dragon
#689 F Relay
03:50:1203:50:124F Relay4New YorkNew YorkWave 700:52:5100:02:1401:50:3600:01:1101:03:18
23681TEAM Runner's Edge/Litc Tri's Hard!TEAM Runner's Edge/Litc Tri's Hard!
#681 X Relay
04:03:1404:03:1413X Relay13BethpageNew YorkWave 700:58:1000:02:2701:55:0700:01:1101:06:17
24673TEAM JadTEAM Jad
#673 X Relay
04:27:4604:27:4614X Relay14Hampton BaysNew YorkWave 701:03:4400:02:1002:15:5400:01:3201:04:24
25674TEAM Lalypalooza!TEAM Lalypalooza!
#674 F Relay
04:35:3504:35:355F Relay5WoodmereNew YorkWave 701:27:1900:01:3602:02:2400:01:0101:03:13
691TEAM Tp Ross/Shubin/DaminTEAM Tp Ross/Shubin/Damin
#691 M Relay
DQDQM RelayNew YorkNew YorkWave 700:14:4700:04:2901:28:2300:01:0700:47:12
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