Mighty Hamptons Triathlon
10 Sep 2017

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FavOverall RankRace NoNameNameTimeTimeDiv RankDivisionDiv RankCityStateWaveSwimT1Bike
154Rick BoothRick Booth
#54 M Open
01:47:2801:47:281M Open1SmithtownNew YorkWave 100:32:0800:02:4801:12:32
263C. Nigel ArcherC. Nigel Archer
#63 M Open
01:50:4801:50:482M Open2QueensNew YorkWave 600:33:0800:02:4801:14:51
353Lee SpiegelLee Spiegel
#53 M Open
01:54:4601:54:463M Open3ChappaquaNew YorkWave 700:40:4300:04:2901:09:34
461Daniel KatzDaniel Katz
#61 M Open
01:55:1501:55:154M Open4SyossetNew YorkWave 600:37:0900:05:3601:12:29
5256Erica MisorekErica Misorek
#256 F Open
01:56:3101:56:311F Open1SyossetNew YorkWave 300:34:3400:03:2401:18:32
651Bobbi NigroBobbi Nigro
#51 F Open
01:57:1401:57:142F Open2Bellerose ManorNew YorkWave 500:32:0200:03:4801:21:23
749Ben SolomonBen Solomon
#49 M Open
01:59:1801:59:185M Open5BrooklynNew YorkWave 400:31:5300:06:4001:20:44
859Brian SullivanBrian Sullivan
#59 M Open
02:02:4402:02:446M Open6BellmoreNew YorkWave 700:35:3600:03:1401:23:54
9103Casey BreseeCasey Bresee
#103 F Open
02:07:3802:07:383F Open3New YorkNew YorkWave 300:34:3500:03:3001:29:33
10558Jeanine HartnettJeanine Hartnett
#558 F Open
02:08:4302:08:434F Open4New YorkNew YorkWave 500:41:3100:05:0301:22:08
1158Joseph PufahlJoseph Pufahl
#58 M Open
02:08:5802:08:587M Open7CutchogueNew YorkWave 700:37:5400:04:5601:26:06
1256Terry EhrlichTerry Ehrlich
#56 M Open
02:18:5002:18:508M Open8PlainviewNew YorkWave 700:48:5300:03:0901:26:48
13390Rory BlaskRory Blask
#390 M Open
02:20:2902:20:299M Open9West IslipNew YorkWave 400:46:1700:04:4001:29:30
14428Joanna TelackaJoanna Telacka
#428 F Open
02:22:2802:22:285F Open5Port WashingtonNew YorkWave 500:37:1700:04:0301:41:06
15132Gina Moreno ValleGina Moreno Valle
#132 F Open
02:28:0702:28:076F Open6New YorkNew YorkWave 300:44:0900:04:0001:39:57
1652John SingerJohn Singer
#52 M Open
02:31:2802:31:2810M Open10LuthervilleMarylandWave 700:36:1900:11:4701:43:21
17606Kevin MalanaphyKevin Malanaphy
#606 M Open
02:36:4302:36:4311M Open11BloomfieldNew YorkWave 600:49:1600:09:5401:37:32
1860Steve SchlossSteve Schloss
#60 M Open
02:43:3202:43:3212M Open12MuttontownNew YorkWave 700:46:2000:05:2701:51:44
1957Stuart FrostStuart Frost
#57 M Open
03:00:4403:00:4413M Open13Great NeckNew YorkWave 700:38:5200:08:5902:12:52
50Gary RomanielloGary Romaniello
#50 M Open
DNFDNFM OpenNew YorkNew YorkWave 400:42:35
62Millicent CottoMillicent Cotto
#62 F Open
DNFDNFF OpenNew YorkWave 300:53:31
176Ricardo CervantesRicardo Cervantes
#176 M Open
DNFDNFM OpenNew YorkNew YorkWave 200:43:14
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